I slept in my bed last night. That was great, because the first night I slept in a recliner in my office (per recommendation by someone in the doctor’s office; at the appointment yesterday morning, someone else then told me I didn’t have to do that). In any event, this morning at 0400 Pea woke up and we ate and I put her back to bed. She was absolutely delightful (and has been today, too). I went back to sleep until 0900-ish.

The key right now is balancing feeling very hungry (stomach growling) with nausea (don’t want to eat) and the need to take pain meds (which require a full stomach or I’ll be sick; the? patch is wearing off and I don’t have enough phenergan). I’m trying to go back down to the Oxycodone. Dilaudid works well, but that stuff’s hard core. (I’ll probably save it for nights.) Even so, the Dilaudid gives me fewer side effects; I’m dizzy on it, but not as loopy and tired. But it makes my neck and chest turn beet red and my whole body itches–ugh. It’s completely screwed up my sense of time (or perhaps that’s residual from anesthesia and Versed).

I felt well enough to research, so I did, last night and today. I did one load of laundry, although I was scrupulous about weight restrictions: I put the laundry in the washer one piece of clothing at a time, then into the dryer one piece at a time, then I realized I hadn’t put the clothes through a second rinse (necessary for Pea’s sensitive skin) so I put them back in the washer one piece at a time…again. They’re in the dryer and done, but I can’t face folding.

Oh! And a bit of news: Pea has been admitted to first grade at a school with emphases on science, art, civics. Small classes. It’s in a nice neighborhood, very close to where Pea went to preschool. I wouldn’t mind living in this neighborhood, if we could figure out an affordable way of doing it. Because this was a long shot, I wasn’t actually expecting to get in–so it’s welcome news, but now we have to decide how to move forward.