I have to get out of the house. I’m pretty sure that a week at home is a record for me (well, almost a week), even if you take into account the rare times I’ve had an influenza-A virus. I just don’t do stay at home very well.

[Granted, I didn’t want it enough to have done it today — I’m taking pain meds, so still not safe to drive — but I know I’m better because I actually want to get out of the house with an urgency that’s approaching crawling out of my skin.]

Then again, I could have gone for a walk, but didn’t.

Part of my problem is I expect recovery to be very linear, with one day looking a lot better than the previous day. The reality is that yesterday the pain was more manageable, but everything looks better today (a lot better) but hurt more.

In a nutshell, today consisted of working with Pea on various academic topics, scholarly reading I won’t remember in a few days, trying to write, becoming cranky because of pain, taking pain meds, doing more than I ought to have around the house because how else would it get done?, quietly seething about things outside of my control, tugging at steri-strips (I would discuss this more, and if you are curious you can email, but it’s more TMI than I can handle in a post), wishing I would be done healing already, trying to feel grateful for the healing I’ve already done, and then starting all over again.

Milestones: I could actually stand to look at my breasts in the mirror today, although not for very long. They look more like breasts than something that should be in a medical school textbook.

M brought chocolate.? So there was that.