At the morning appointment, the RN took off all the tape and steri-strips that I had not gotten around to. It hurt, and then it hurt a lot worse later on in the day. There’s the usual ache, something that is kind of burning, something that is kind of itching, and sometimes there are sharp pains. I wish my nerves would just get overloaded already and stop sending these signals to my brain. Since they haven’t, I am eating sea salt caramel truffle ice cream, and you know what? It does help.

I did learn that the weird, champagne-glass sort of look to the breast will go away as the internal sutures dissolve. This is a relief. However, for support, I’m stuck wearing a sports bra 24/7 for two more weeks. I don’t care how comfortable a sports bra might be, nothing is comfortable all the damned time.

I am unable to look at my nipples right now without wanting to crawl out of my skin, scream, or run around the house, or possibly all three (although running is contraindicated). So I am keeping ABD pads in the yoga bra and calling it good, at least while I take pain meds, try to read, and make incomprehensible scribbles in my to-do list. Oh, and the ice cream! Let’s not forget that.